Holier Than Meow!

by Hymnomancer

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released December 5, 2015

Holier Than Meow was recorded in Gator's basement (in various rooms).
Album art by: LorDeimos lordeimos.deviantart.com
All songs mixed by Jeremy J. Porche, mastered by Hymnomancer.



all rights reserved


Hymnomancer Kitchener, Ontario

From the galactic wormhole drifted the hymnomancer, his tortuous fingers spread, casting magick to the air.

And the wind sang.

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Track Name: Pull
a pole in place
three more embrace
a crossbar hangs
four rusty chains

steeped in tar
canvas is hard
hanged by both arms
you won't go far


back and forth

it creaks and it shrieks
and it winds around
up to the sky
down to the ground

I'm sick in my stomach
but I'm high in my head
and I'm getting off
on the feelings that led me...

Back and forth
Track Name: Flags
We all try not to fall
Off our horses as we ride into war
Flags raised high, an eye for an eye
A people this divided are so surely going blind

We're blinded by what we see
What we do to each other and what we speak
the future is looking bleak
if you can't see what's wrong, then you can't really see at all
Track Name: Fed A Spider
i fed a spider
all drunk on cider
various insects
i think that reflects

who i am
who i am
who i be

into my hands
i took the lives of these ants
threw things at a web
to skip life's flow and ebb

i play god
i play god
I play him
and i play him well
Track Name: Oneironaut (acoustic)
I found myself in a familiar field
And a round-a-bout with no signs to yield
A place where past moments in time
Just seem to collide with no presence of mind

Comatose, oh so close!
Sleepy time. Reprised mind.

If I try I can reach and pluck from these scenes
These things that will leave me calm and serene
A king of all I see with visions to make
I sleep life away, never shall I wake

Comatose, oh so close!
Sleepy time. Reprised mind.
Track Name: Cats n' Dogs
as lightning cracked the sky in half
each bisected piece, fell down to the streets
collected in plash, tainted with trash
we robbed it of pure, cause we thought it the cure
oh well

it rained wolves and tigers, not cats and dogs
for cats have their mischeif and dogs have their missions
But tigers and wolves, when not in their own clothes
will eat all you sheep, and no one will weep
for you

As lightning cracked the sky in half
each bisected piece fell down to my knees
with lions and tigers, and something about a kitten
there's a puppy shitting in the kitchen
and someone should pray for me
Track Name: Pile of Guts
inside everybody's chest
there lies a lovely bloody mess
of tissues, sinews, bones and flesh
and bile inside organs that rest
on ligaments and other stuff
a pint of blood a pile of guts

if everybody gets fed
there'll be mushy rice, and chewed up bread
if they like to sit alone and think
you might find gin, you might find ink
you can drink and eat until it's too much
with some pints of blood, a pile of guts
Track Name: Trees in the Wind (acoustic)
I woke from the dead
with a body like a tree
My limbs were all stiff
and I'd lost all my leaves

I creaked when I moved like
Abres dans le vent
Please don't cut me down
I've been here for so long

But if I were to fall
please use me to create
A thing of such beauty
in which all could relate

A beacon to gather
A Shelter from wind
My old planks are sturdy
Take refuge within